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North Fork Crow River Watershed District

Mission Statement

To improve and enhance water quality, to control water flow, to reduce erosion and sedimentation, to promote wise public, private and natural use of water while maintaining, enhancing and preserving public and private drainage for present and future residents of the Watershed District.

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Current News

BOARD MEETINGS are the second Monday of each month at 07:00p.m April-Nov (1pm Dec-March)

Job Opening:

Watershed District Administrator/Drainage Inspector. The North Fork Crow River Watershed District has an opening for a full-time District Administrator.  The Administrator supervises staff and provides overall planning, coordination and administration of district activities consistent with the goals, objectives and policies approved by the Board of Managers. The Administrator is also responsible for the inspection and administration of county drainage systems.


Salary range DOE $45,000-$65,000.

Interested Candidates should submit :

  1. A cover letter of interest
  2. A current resume, including related education and work experience
  3. A list of 4 business/character references with phone numbers and address


Email application materials to John Hanson, Board Secretary, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .   Materials must be received by August 29th.  Any questions should be directed to John Hanson at 612-865-9189.




Position Title: Administrator/Drainage

Department: Administration




Provide overall planning, direction, coordination, administration and operation for the North Fork Crow River Watershed District (NFCRWD) to ensure quality services are provided to the citizens of the NFCRWD consistent with the goals, objectives and policies approved by the Board of Managers. Provide supervision of all District employees and activities.  Conduct ditch inspections, facilitate repairs, and promote erosion control and water quality improvement measures and administration of county drainage systems. 



% of Time




Administration Coordination

  • Direct the administration of the NFCRWD as provided by the Board of Managers
  • Provide the hands on, day-to-day oversight and supervision of all of the activities of the staff, and communicate all directives from the Board of Managers to the District staff.
  • Manage all District grant and SRF loan programs, projects and activities authorized by the Board of Managers.
  • Work with the District Attorney and the District Engineers to provide efficient, cooperative, and informative decisions relating to the NFCRWD.
  • Prepare resolutions for Board approval and implement approved resolutions
  • Report monthly or as necessary to the Board of Managers on all District activities undertaken by the District Administrator and other staff
  • File all necessary documents with overseeing government agencies



Ditch Inspection and Authority Administration

  • Inspect drainage systems systematically, or as requested by the Board of Managers or landowners
  • Identify necessary maintenance activities including herbicide treatment, cleanouts, crossing repairs, etc.
  • Determine solutions to drainage problems, recommend action, prepare reports, obtain necessary permits and drainage exceptions and coordinate and implement corrective measures
  • Update and maintain ditch files.
  • Facilitate and manage the redetermination of benefits process
  • Perform function of Viewer to reallocate benefits after land splits or landowner benefit appeals and update viewers report.
  • Coordinate with Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant  regarding County assessment process
  • Identify potential ditch protection and water quality enhancement projects within ditch systems where erosion and water quality issues are present.
  • Ensure appropriate application of Federal, State and Local water regulations as they pertain to public drainage systems
  • Explain MS 103E Drainage law, regulation and District policies and procedures to landowners and other affected parties
  • Develop a yearly work plan to inspect and inventory ditches and to implement maintenance projects
  • Promote sound agricultural drainage polices and clean water initiatives as directed by the Board of Managers, through planning, education and general public contact
  • Prepare and send out landowner notices to inform landowners of meetings and assessments




Personnel Management

  • Provide for clear understanding of work responsibilities and job descriptions for all employees
  • Supervise and evaluate the performance of all employees
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Managers relating to employment of District staff, wages, benefit programs, hours, and employee issues.
  • Maintain an orderly and functional District office and prepare, recommend and implement general office policies and procedures.
  • Provide for maintenance of all personnel records.
  • Prepare, recommend and implement personnel policies and procedures.
  • Conduct performance evaluations for all District employees as set forth in the Personnel Policies.



Financial Management

  • Approve, with signature, all fiscal documents.
  • Review, prepare, and recommend an annual budget for consideration by the Board of Managers

  • Provide fiscal oversight of all budgets with Board of Managers input
  • Approve all account/fund transfers
  • Supply auditor with information pertaining to annual audit
  • File appropriate levies with Counties




Meeting Responsibility

  • Attend and participate in all Board of Managers meetings
  • Prepare reports, summaries, documentation, and/or other data regarding projects, improvements, planning concerns and issues, and other matters relating to District projects as may be required for the Board of Managers to study and take further action
  • Prepare documents distributed in the board packet (agenda, information packets, coordination of contract staff, etc.)
  • Review and recommend corrections before distributing to Board of Managers 



Public Service and Information Responsibility

  • Act as Public Information Officer for the NFCRWD
  • Maintain an excellent working relationship with local, state and federal   agencies/representatives
  • Coordinate and provide information to the Board of Managers in order to effectively administer District affairs and to keep the Board of Managers informed of issues and concerns relating to the administration of the District’s government
  • Provide information and input regarding the recommendation of policies and procedures that will further the goals of the Board of Managers and that will improve the day to day administration of the NFCRWD as well as improve the effectiveness. of the District government
  • Prepare and send out required public notices 


Perform other related duties and responsibilities as required of the District Administrator as established by ordinances or resolutions adopted by the Board of Managers, delegated by the Board of Managers as being under the purview of this position.



Experience Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Natural Resources or Environmental Studies, Environmental or Agricultural Engineering or related field with 3+ years of work experience with project management and staff supervision.



Certification/Licensure Required:

  • Valid Minnesota driver’s license



Other Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Desired:

  • Broad knowledge of Statutes 103D and E
  • Broad experience in project management, budget management, and personnel      management
  • Strong knowledge of supervisory and management practices and techniques
  • Strong knowledge of agricultural practices
  • Board experience with water quality and quantity management practices
  • Knowledge of the natural sciences, especially hydrologic principals and processes
  • Excellent ability to communicate effective, both verbally and in writing
  • Thorough knowledge of modern principles and practices of public management and administration
  • Ability to interpret engineer’s survey data, construction plans and specifications relating to drainage and water quality projects
  • Experience with GIS with the ability to create maps for analysis and presentations
  • Thorough knowledge of data privacy and open meeting law requirements
  • Thorough knowledge of District operations, policies and ordinances
  • General  knowledge of human resources principles and benefits administration
  • Ability to develop and initiate plans and procedures
  • Ability to prepare accurate and thorough reports and maintain accurate and up-to date records
  • Ability to work independently and plan, organize and prioritize projects
  • Capable of functioning at a high level of professional ethics with the ability to promote an ethical work place and ensure all policies and protocols are followed by District staff.
  • Ability to analyze situations and determine appropriate actions and to respond appropriately
  • Ability to attend training and professional meetings to maintain and enhance current knowledge base
  • Ability to deal with public and District personnel in a professional and courteous manner
  • Availability to attend all Board of Managers meetings and provide written and verbal reports on District activities



Machines, Tools, Equipment, Electronic Devices, Software Required:

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Publisher,  Outlook and Power Point including  file management and documentation
  • ArcView GIS, Garmin CPS, survey equipment
  • Office equipment including:  computer, copy machine, printers, plotters, telephone, scientific calculator, shipping scale, and presentation projector
  • ATV



Physical Effort Required:

  • Position involves working in inclement weather
  • Position involves working and climbing among rugged ditch terrain
  • Position includes withstanding water pressure of flowing water in waders
  • Position requires extended periods of sitting and some periods of repetitive action operating computer equipment
  • Position involves occasional lifting  up to 70lbs


Mental Effort Required:

  • Position requires mental stamina and endurance to deal with a fast-paced, high-stress environment.
  • Position requires adapting and handling extremely complex analysis in a focused time frame.
  • Position requires completing tasks, meeting deadlines and working accurately despite constant interruptions.
  • Position requires multi-tasking and organizing and setting work priorities while remaining flexible and patient
  • Position requires changing priorities and scheduling as needed to meet work demands and react to emergency need for information
  • Position often deals with interpersonal conflicts or landowner situations requiring the need to diffuse or resolve situations to a satisfactory outcome for all.



Supervision of Others

  • This position provides supervision over all the employees of the North Fork Crow River Watershed District


Working Conditions Required:

  • The majority of work is completed in normal office conditions
  • Position requires frequent travel to various sites within the District
  • Field Work involves walking over rough ground, driving ATV and other equipment sometimes during inclement weather.
  • Position involves working in variable water temperatures and water pressures and exposure to dirt and dust


Job Outcomes

  • Projects a positive, cooperative and respectful attitude with volunteers, Board of Managers, fellow staff members and the general public
  • Provides leadership in developing and maintaining quality District programs and services.
  • Maintain record of expenses, time and mileage, for project tracking.
  • Administers all functions of the District including financial management and personnel management.
  • Carries out the mission of the District and ensures that all laws and policies are followed
  • Provide systematic ditch inspections to insure quality drainage
  • Provides a well-documented, functioning ditch system
  • Provides a well-documented, functioning   Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Coordinates with other responsible units to ensure that runoff controls are in place
  • Provides for in-depth inspections to erect the most desirable BMP designs
  • Provides a proficient quality water monitoring program
  • Works with local partners to ensure that Water Management Plans are followed
  • Ensures that educational and informational maps are constructed for inclusion in studies and reports
  • Provides an  educational effort associated with conservation and preservation of water quality




This description describes the general nature and work expected of an individual assigned to this position.  Employees may be required to perform other job-related duties as requested by their supervisor.  All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with a disability




JD2 Public Notice

Notice is Hereby Given that the North Fork Crow River Watershed District as Drainage Authority For Judicial Ditch #2 will hold a public hearing on Monday August 11th at 6:00 PM, at the North Fork Crow River Watershed District office, located at 100 Prairie Ave North, Brooten MN 56316.

The Purpose of the Hearing will be to consider a landowner petition to use Judicial Ditch #2 as an outlet under MN Statute 103E.401

For more information or to provide comments prior to the hearing contact the North Fork Crow River Watershed District at 320-346-2869.

Dated August 21th, 2014

James Wuertz

President NFCRWD

Manure Applications

Minimum setbacks near waters

(counties can be more restrictive than state Rule 7020)

                               Surface       (Incorporation

                              Application   within 24 hrs.)

Lake, Stream              300’*           (25’**)

Wetlands (10+ac.)     300’*           (25’**)

Ditches (w/o berms)  300’*           (25’**)

Open tile intakes       300’              (0’)

Well, quarry               50’               (50’)

Sinkhole (w/o berms)

Downslope                50’               (50’)

Upslope                    300’              (50’)

*100’ vegetated buffer can be used instead of 300’ setback

For non-winter applications (50’ buffer for wetlands/ditches)

**no long-term phosphorus buildup within 300’

Feedlot Helpline : 1877-333-3508


AIS video (Click to watch)

Silent Invaders Episode 2: Zebra & Quagga Mussels

Final TMDL report for Rice Lake (click here)

The North Fork Crow River Watershed District (NFCRWD) has been awarded a 2012 Board of Water Resources conservation drainage grant for Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs). The NFCRWD will be implementing best management practices (Rock Inlets, Controlled Outlets and a Woodchip Bioreactor) on existing tile systems that outlet to country ditches.

The NFCRWD is seeking interested landowners to implement these practices cost share (75 percent vie grant, 25 percent from landowner) is available. Contact the Watershed office or stop in to the office for more information.

Agricultural Conservation Practices Brochure

MN DNR Invasive Speacies Video

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