Submitting a Permit Application


If your project requires a District permit, you must submit a permit application to the District Administrator.  Permit applications shall be reviewed by the Board within 30 days of receipt of application.

The Managers review the permit application and assess the impact that the proposal would have on the District's water resources. Managers may approve the work, disapprove the work, approve the work with conditions, or, based on their preliminary assessment, may require the applicant to appear at a Board meeting to explain the proposal and may decide to review the site or may require that a technical analysis of the proposed work be done to better gauge its potential impacts.

  1. If a permit is issued, the applicant shall abide by all the terms and conditions in the permit or the permit may be withdrawn by the Managers. 
  2. If a permit is denied, the Managers shall state the reasons for such denial to the applicant.

No work requiring a permit shall commence until permit is issued.

Check the District Rules for a complete listing of permit requirements and procedures.