NFCRWD Rules Summary


Permit Requirements

The Managers find that a permit program is needed to help ensure wise development and conservation of the District's water resources in accordance with the overall plan.

Actions Requiring a District Permit

  1. Work in any water course or water basin, whether or not open water is present at the time of the work--including but not limited to excavation, filling, dredging, and the placement of structures. In the case of agriculture drainage, a permit is required for: a. Surface or open ditch drainage of a drainage area greater than 160 A.'s b. Tile drainage of a drainage area greater than 320 A.'
  2. Construction, installation or alteration of any water control structure in any water course or water basin that is of greater or lesser capacity then is reasonable considering the upstream and water control structures.
  3. Work in the right of way of any legal drainage system within the jurisdiction of the District
  4.  Diversion of water into a public drainage system from land not assessed for the public system.
    1. Diversion of water from a drainage area of larger than 40 acres into a different sub watershed.
  5. Any work to restrict the normal or natural drainage of land or to enlarge wetlands that will cause flooding of adjacent land or public or private         roadways.
  6. Cultivating any area that is closer than one rod from the top edge of any water course that is part of a public drainage system.
  7. The land owner shall be responsible for acquiring all required permits.
  8. At the discretion of the Board of Managers, any permit required by Section 3.1, A through F. may be waived if a similar permit is required by another State Agency, County, or City; and provided that the approval of the Managers or their designee is obtained by the State, County or City prior to issuance of their permit.

District Drainage Policy


The following policy is intended to supplement Minn. Stat. ch. 103E to streamline the administrative processes within the North Fork Crow River Watershed District regarding inspections, maintenance, repairs, and operation of public drainage systems in the North Fork Crow River Watershed District. This policy shall not apply to any “joint drainage system” (i.e., multi-county drainage system), unless specifically adopted by the applicable joint drainage authority. If there is any discrepancies between this policy and Minn. Stat. ch. 103E, the statutes shall govern.



Statutory authorization. This buffer enforcement rule is adopted pursuant to the authorization and policies contained in Minn. Stat. §103F.48, the Buffer Law, Minn. Stat. §103B.101, subdivision 12a, authority to issue penalty orders, and the Watershed District enabling legislation in Minn. Stat. chapter 103D.

1.0 Policy

It is the policy of the Board of Managers to:

(a) Provide for riparian vegetated buffers and water quality practices to achieve the following purposes:

(1) Protect state water resources from erosion and runoff pollution;

(2) Stabilize soils, shores and banks; and

(3) Protect or provide riparian corridors.

(b) Coordinate closely with the District’s landowners, soil and water conservation districts and counties, and utilize local knowledge and data, to achieve the stated purposes in a collaborative, effective and cost- efficient manner.

(c) Integrate District authorities under Minn. Stat. §§103D.341 and 103F.48 to provide for clear procedures to achieve the purposes of the rule.