JD 1 Record Reestablishment Memo

The purpose of this report is to provide the North Fork Crow River Watershed District (NFCRWD) with results of the investigation and analysis of the Pope-Stearns Judicial Ditch 1 (JD 1) public drainage system. This report contains the necessary description of the alignment; cross-section; grade; hydraulic structure locations, materials, dimensions, and elevations; and right-of-way of the drainage system to reestablish records as requested by NFCRWD. The JD 1 public drainage system, which consists of a main trunk with twelve branches, is located in both Pope and Stearns County. Minnesota Statute 103E.101 subd. 4a allows for the drainage authority to reestablish records if after an investigation of drainage system records it is found that the records establishing the alignment, cross-section, grade, or right-of-way of a drainage system are lost, destroyed or otherwise incomplete.