Are you Interested in installing a Best Management Practice?

The District actively applies for grant funding through various sources in order to obtain outside funding to help put projects on the ground.  A primary goal of the District is to promote use of practices that help reduce impacts of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from entering waterways through runoff or other means of export.  Sedimentation of streams, ditches and wetlands is another major concern, and the District strives to promote practices that help reduce erosion. The District applies for grant funding in order to provide landowners with funds to assist adoption and installation of these water quality best management practices (BMPs). 

As the majority of land use in the watershed is primarily agriculture, the District focuses on providing funding to assist producers in installing practices to decrease impacts of land use practices. The District has been able to fund numerous rock inlets and alternative inlets to reduce sedimentation of drainage systems, the majority of water resources in the District. The District has also been able to install denitrifying bioreactors, saturated buffers, and drainage control structures.

The District has also been able to fund numerous stormwater management projects and shoreland restoration projects throughout the District.